Monday, July 30, 2007

Leggs After Dark: Hook and Ladder

The Leggs After Dark scene was in full effect last Friday...of course! We hit the hottest of hot spots, Hook and Ladder on 2nd Ave, dominating the beer pong court "per tha usual" at least until pong-hustler and KROC associate producer Barry Foresberg lit up the scene. Barry was dressed in a Hideki Matsui t-shirt, cargo shorts, and his patented fedora. One pitcher of Bud Light was all he needed to purchase as he dominated the court for several hours impressing the likes of Fordham soccer star Hannah DeBerg, flutist Genna St. Louis, and Barney's floor saleswomen Mimi Van Housh. It was stupongdous!


dc3998 said...

I was there to witness this performance by Foresberg. Never before has the world seen such dominant beer pong prowess. And perhaps never again.
It is also worth noting that he conducted himself with charm and grace. Even as his dominance caused the other teams stomach's to overflow with frothy Bud Light, he kindly held their hair back as they crouched over the toilet. A true CHAMPION.

Leggs said...

Thanks, dc3998 and you're right: Barry Foresberg is the epitome of class -- and a devil wit tha ladiez