Friday, November 30, 2007

Partiez Celebritiez Celebprettiez Videez

Yo, celebs y'all CELEBRITIES! I love them. Life is nothing wit out the CEL-EB-BRI-TIES dogs! My favorite celebs of the moments are the cast of High School Musical. Talk about straight up talent. They can sing and they can lip sync. Word. Shits not as easy as it looks. I once had to lip sync and it's like your lips gots minds of they owns. They want to screw up the lyrics but your brain is like, "no get the lyrics right!" and your lips are like" dude, I'm trying but this shit is HARD!"

You know who else is on pizz-iont? 4 Strings. This dance band is the Atomic Neutron BIZZ-omb. The Enola Gay don't drop bombs like 4 Strings, n'om saying? I can dance all night to this on only one 8 ball. ONE! And maybe some E. But THAT"S IT OBVS OMG!!!!! WIt out furryado, here it is your Da Super Phat Hot Ass Video of the Wizz-EEK:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm Back From The Rehabz

Am I gonna drink again I say YEAH YEAH YEAH...BOY! What's the dillz yo? Phat time at the county rehab center in CAMDEN NEW JERZAY! Shit man, celebreality life is so...realz! Take yo shoe lacez, takes yo drugs, takes yo red bull vodkas. Take take take. Rock Leggs takes...amazing celebrtiy photographs, but he don't gives his shit up unless court ordered...and I waz court order son! But I's gotsta new leaf on life. It's not alls about tha partiez and the ladiez and the occasional shwag. Its about tha love, y'all. THE LOVE. And I gots love to give.

First up, my gal pals at the Boston Herald gots the runs on the latest Victoria's Secret diss in the Patriots world. The Inside Track is the best reported and the bestest writenz gossip site on the planetz. THAT"S THE DILLY-O! They be droppin crazy slang that that.

Thatz itz for nowz. Here's a picture of me getting better from rehabz.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Da Super Phat Hot Ass Video of the Wizz-EEK

There's a little known band called ATC and they are the hotshits!! Here's their latest video - it's not released until the fall, y'all - But Leggs GOTS EXCLUSIVES!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Starring Mingling with The Leggs

Stars at the launch of the new Platinum-plated Remmington For Da Ladiez Razor were lucky enough to be photographed with The Leggs.

We arrived fashionalbly late, obvs! and had our way with the hottest stars and tarlettes around.

Here's me and Nelly Furtado. She's da bizz-omb and she's dropping more knowledge this Summah! Pick it up!

Then I hit up the CASH BAR and guzzled down a few GGRBs and I was ready to meet more lovely thangs. I used my Intaview skillz on tacky-gorgeous Haley Duff.

More to come laterz.

Peace out,

There's uber...and then there's uberest!

Why do I love lavender so much? It brings out the color of my belly button ring!
You can imagine my excitement when I CELEBRITY SPOTTED Amanda Bynes in this uber, nay, uberest cuuute lavender dress.

CAPTURED (and locked in my basement...J/K!): Amanda Bynes modeling a dress with Beyonce Knowles for a prom dress site!

It's easy to be a star when you are comparing yourself to high schoolers.
LOST: Two younger promising girls
FOUND: Two nosediving careers and some excess cellulite
OOOH, Poyboy facial!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Silver Screen Star Stalk Talk Today

Last night, after drinking alone, I made my way around the hyped-up, dope ass movie scene (BECUZ THAT’S HOW WE ROLL!) to stalk some of the hottest celebs in town. Blue-eyed heartbreaker, Cillian Murphy seen was heating up screen #7 during the 6:15 showing of Sunshine at the AMC 25 in Times Square; while blond bombshell and comedic genius, Catherine Heigl was spotted in theater #6 during the 8:15 showing on Knocked Up at the 19th St. Loews.

Hollah at ya boy Leggs with any of your celebrity sightings!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reader Mail: Richard Grant

Richard Grant of Hudson Hawk fames asks:
"Why do you two look like a couple of 1st year stock exchange guys whose limited Wall Street experience has been marked by a steady diet of booze and cocaine? I like it."
The long answer is why question it, Richard? This is just the way we are: living the fast life in the fast lane with the fast car filled with the fast women. So, maybe we need to fuel up with an 8 ball every once in a while. Maybe we need to knock down a Grey Goose and Red Bull or five to charge us for a long weekend of chasing the juiciest gossip that our readership craves. This is the life we chose and it's fan-fabulous! The short answer is that we're from Long Island.