Friday, November 30, 2007

Partiez Celebritiez Celebprettiez Videez

Yo, celebs y'all CELEBRITIES! I love them. Life is nothing wit out the CEL-EB-BRI-TIES dogs! My favorite celebs of the moments are the cast of High School Musical. Talk about straight up talent. They can sing and they can lip sync. Word. Shits not as easy as it looks. I once had to lip sync and it's like your lips gots minds of they owns. They want to screw up the lyrics but your brain is like, "no get the lyrics right!" and your lips are like" dude, I'm trying but this shit is HARD!"

You know who else is on pizz-iont? 4 Strings. This dance band is the Atomic Neutron BIZZ-omb. The Enola Gay don't drop bombs like 4 Strings, n'om saying? I can dance all night to this on only one 8 ball. ONE! And maybe some E. But THAT"S IT OBVS OMG!!!!! WIt out furryado, here it is your Da Super Phat Hot Ass Video of the Wizz-EEK:


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